Six Years Later

Thumper has just had another yearly checkup and we have his weight down from 6K, (over 13 pounds), down to 4.8K, (just over 10½ pounds).  As he sleeps a great deal of his life away, I imagine that had a lot to do with Pepper's influence, while he brightened all our lives.

In June we lost Pepper and since that time to no surprise, we have had to make up for that lack of his presence in "uncle Thumper's" life with constant lap time.  At times it can be hard to get anything done around here. )-;  When it isn't us, he is back at Legolas's door again these days, which is good company for him.  If we didn't have the weaker older cats around we might be able to think of integration as the two seem to have some sort of bond going between them that is passive.

Thumper just had his yearly checkup last Saturday and basically it was "I feel fine, doc, can I go home now, please?"  As he has nothing permanent in the way of health issues we might have inherited, he is probably the healthiest cat in the house.

We do have a new addition to the family that is giving Thumper cause to consider establishing hierarchical rules in the house, but he has been handling it very well -- while we are watching.